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Check Cashing Store

No Franchise Fees.       No Royalty Fees.        No Annual Fee.

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Our turnkey package can get you started in business today! 
Join the Best Opportunity in the Merchant Financial Services Industry.


Check Cashing and Pay Day Loans are a $55 Billion Dollar Industry!

The Right Opportunity – The Right Products – The Right Price – The Right Team

"The true Franchise alternative."

''A large number of banks and financial industry players are going after this market because they do think this is a growth opportunity. They can make money on these consumers and they can do it in ways that are mutually beneficial for them and the customer,'' said Kimberly Gartner, associate director of the Chicago-based Center for Financial Services Innovation. 73 million Americans are underserved by the nation's banking industry. About $10 billion in fees are collected each year on these services from about 47 million households, or roughly 81 million people, , said H. Leon Majors, the president of ESP Payments Research Group in Salisbury, Md. Those who cash checks, pay bills and borrow money through these channels often have bank accounts but typically pay the higher costs for fast access to cash. Two large California credit unions recently purchased check-cashing store chains. Neither chain plans to reduce prices for check-cashing services, but both will offer new cash-advance loan programs to compete with payday lenders. Kinecta Federal Credit Union of Manhattan Beach, Calif., recently purchased 55 Nix CheckCashing stores throughout Southern California. Pasadena-based Wescom Credit Union recently purchased eight Area Check Cashing Centers, also in Southern California. KeyBank, a Cleveland-based bank with branches in 13 states, also is using check-cashing services to attract low-income consumers who lack bank accounts. Independent check cashers and payday lenders are subject only to state laws. Experts said that better service, products and rates would prove the greatest attraction for underserved customers. Mainstream banks and credit unions aim to lure clients away from check cashers and payday lenders. By TONY PUGH The Miami Herald

Merchant Financial Services

 BankICAN Guarantee     ICAN Scan ID Scanner

No Franchise Fee.    No Royalty Fee.    No Annual Fee.

Over $100,000.00 Less than the closest competitor! 

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The following States Are Unregulated: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming. New Hampshire treats check cashing as a prohibited form of “Private Banking.”

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